The only social media app not blocked from my 9–5 life…

Why LinkedIn is my social media of choice

Image: Select distracting apps to schedule silencing. Source: Google Blog

It allows you to choose when to interact with your phone, instead of your phone choosing when to interact with you.

So what’s LinkedIn?

For those of you who may not use LinkedIn, it’s pretty much a professional version of Facebook. You can post, share, comment and connect with other professionals across many different industries.

Mental Haze

Sat, scrolling through the nothingness of social media, endlessly. Share, tag, retweet, scroll, repeat. I call it ‘mental haze’, reminiscent of a youtube hole. Like you’re still in place and the whole world is moving around you. Hours pass while you waste your existence. Mental haze starts to creep into time with your friend/family/partners.

You are what you read

Social media is a platform to share your life and stay connected. It also allows people to degrade, criticise, belittle, bully and abuse on a large scale. This can lead to a never-ending list of mental health issues including severe insecurities, depression, anxiety, and in extreme prolonged causes, suicide.

Be the change

It’s no secret that people are their best selves when they are being watched, especially when it comes to their professional circles. That being said, there are still people who share their thoughts through sexism, racism and other negative beliefs — but it’s rare that I see this on LinkedIn. And can very easily be reported.

So, why is LinkedIn my social media of choice?

Every day I choose to be my adult self, a self that is logical and passionate, a self that has grown through ups and downs. I choose to not be petty and immature, I grew out of that. In the same way, I grew out of social media.